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Tuesday, October 13, 2020Contact: Kristin Werner (859) 224-2720
T.I.P. to offer Awards for Thoroughbred Polo Horses in conjunction with USPA

The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) and United States Polo Association® (USPA) announced today that they will recognize Thoroughbreds that are excelling as polo horses through six awards that will be offered annually, starting this year. For a Thoroughbred to be eligible for these awards, it must have a T.I.P. number. There is no charge for a T.I.P. number.

“Polo is just one of many disciplines in which Thoroughbreds can succeed following their racing careers, and T.I.P. is pleased to partner with the USPA to honor the accomplishments of these horses at all levels of polo,” said Kristin Werner, senior counsel of The Jockey Club and coordinator of T.I.P.

Each award winner will receive an award sash and special logo prizes. The categories for each award are:
  • High Goal Horse: for a Thoroughbred that has played in at least one USPA High Goal (16 or higher) Outdoor Tournament in 2020.
  • Medium Goal Horse: for a Thoroughbred that has played in at least one USPA Medium Goal (eight-16) Outdoor Tournament in 2020.
  • Low Goal Horse: for a Thoroughbred that has played in at least one USPA Low Goal (below eight) Outdoor Tournament in 2020.
  • Arena Polo Horse: for a Thoroughbred that has played in at least one USPA Arena Tournament in 2020.
  • Lesson Horse: for a Thoroughbred used in a lesson program at a USPA club.
  • Intercollegiate/Interscholastic (I/I) Horse: for a Thoroughbred that has played in an I/I Regional or National Tournament in 2020.

“The USPA is excited to work with the Thoroughbred Incentive Program to highlight the Thoroughbred’s long history in the sport of polo,” said Justin Powers, executive director of the United States Polo Association Polo Development LLC.

Applications will open on the T.I.P. and USPA websites on November 1 and close November 30. The winners will be announced in January and selected based on the application and an essay. Applicants will be judged by a committee formed by the USPA and T.I.P.

Created and announced in October 2011, T.I.P. recognizes and rewards the versatility of the Thoroughbred through sponsorship of Thoroughbred classes and high point awards at sanctioned horse shows, year-end performance awards, a recreational riding program, and non-competition awards. Additional information about T.I.P. is available at and on the T.I.P. Facebook page at

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