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Tuesday, March 01, 2011Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
InCompass Unveils Post Time Coordination Tool for Tracks

InCompass Solutions Inc. announced today the launch of Post Time Coordination, a software tool designed for racetrack executives to avoid post time overlaps with other simulcast races.

The new service, which is available at no charge through the InCompass Race Track Operations (RTO) system, enables racetrack executives to compare scheduled post times for their own upcoming race cards with race cards of other tracks they choose to monitor. Conflicting post times are denoted and a racetrack executive can change scheduled post times to a post time recommended by the RTO system, or manually select a post time.

Within Post Time Coordination, track executives can designate certain of their races as special events for consideration by other tracks when setting post times. In addition, a historical post time viewer enables RTO customers to compare the difference between a track’s scheduled post times and actual off times to assist with scheduling decisions.

“Post Time Coordination leverages the broad platform of the InCompass network, which is already in place at virtually every racetrack in North America,” said Brad Kimbrell, executive vice president of InCompass. “It was developed with significant input from a number of racetrack managers — representing both smaller and larger racetracks — and it is highly automated, easy to use and comprehensive. We believe Post Time Coordination will become an invaluable tool for racetrack executives to efficiently schedule their races.”

InCompass, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jockey Club, is a technology solutions company formed in 2001 to centralize the software applications and systems that serve North American racetracks and simulcast outlets. The InCompass RTO system is installed at virtually every racetrack in North America, and the company is the industry’s largest provider of simulcast program pages through its Simo-Central™ service.

In 2008, InCompass played an integral role in the development, launch and maintenance of the Equine Injury Database™ and the Jockey Health Information System™, both of which are offered at no charge as an industry service. The company recently launched InCompass mobile, which features a Mobile Rundown app for racing secretaries and other designated racetrack officials. Additional information is available at