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Friday, September 28, 2012Contact: Bob Curran Jr. (212) 521-5326
Statement Regarding New York Task Force on Racehorse Health and Safety Report

James L. Gagliano, president and chief operating officer of The Jockey Club, today issued the following statement:

“The implementation of recommendations outlined in the report produced by the New York Task Force on Racehorse Health and Safety will significantly enhance the safety of Thoroughbred racing.

“For the last several years, The Jockey Club has worked to promote the welfare and safety of horses and riders as well as to reform medication practices in this country. We have done this through recommendations from our Thoroughbred Safety Committee and through the creation of the Reformed Racing Medication Rules, and many of those proposals are mentioned prominently throughout the task force’s report.

“The Reformed Racing Medication Rules feature a new categorization of medications, more clearly defined regulatory limits, and dramatically remodeled penalties. Fines, disqualifications and even lifetime suspensions would be possible for those persistently operating outside regulatory limits, and we are encouraging all Thoroughbred racing jurisdictions to implement the reformed rules.

“We hope that this task force’s recommendations are enacted quickly, not only in New York but throughout the country, for the sake of our athletes and the integrity of our sport.

“The Jockey Club stands ready to assist all regulatory authorities and racing associations as they implement the changes outlined in the task force’s report.”

Note: The recommendations of the Thoroughbred Safety Committee are available at:; the Reformed Racing Medication Rules are available at: