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Ogden Mills Phipps   Ogden Mills Phipps - Chairman, The Jockey Club

Ogden Mills Phipps: Good morning, everyone. Thank you for joining us today, whether you're sitting here in Saratoga Springs or watching our live video stream. Our program today features a broad array of topics and speakers in the next two hours. You'll hear a mix of updates, perpsectives and news, from people inside and outside our sport.

As we have done on many occasions in the past, we have dedicated a good deal of the agenda to the marketing of our sport and to the industry's progress on the medication front. We have also talked about international harmonization in the past, and that topic is more important and more relevant today than ever.

On behalf of The Jockey Club Stewards and the entire organization, I want to thank each of the speakers for joining us today. We'd like to offer a special thanks to Mr. Goto and Mr. Kavanagh who have traveled from Japan and Ireland to be with us. Thank you very much.

Jim Gagliano has been at the helm of The Jockey Club for nearly four years. He plots the strategic direction and operation of our Registry, our commercial companies and the initiatives we lead or support. He will start the program today, discussing the activities of The Jockey Club.

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