Closing Remarks
Stuart S. Janney III
Stuart S. Janney III Chairman, The Jockey Club

Stuart S. Janney III:
Thank you very much, Jim, for that report on the Coalition. It's great to hear and to see so many organizations rowing in the same direction.

I'd also like to thank today's speakers, especially our guests, Kathy Anderson, Governor Beshear, Edwin Moses, and Bill Squadron. Thanks, also, to Congressman Tonko who is here. He's taken the time to be with us today.

As the new chairman of The Jockey Club, I have one final piece of important business today.

For 32 years, Dinny Phipps has opened and closed this conference.

His tenure as chairman of The Jockey Club concluded yesterday at a Board of Stewards meeting in this hotel.

He's not much for fanfare, particularly any that focuses on him, but he richly deserves accolades for the time and effort he's devoted to the Thoroughbred industry in general and The Jockey Club in particular over a long period of time.

The Jockey Club has thrived under his leadership over the past 32 years.

He's been there to lead the way in the growth and efficiency of The Jockey Club and our affiliated companies.

With his guidance, we have made significant strides in the areas of medication, aftercare, technology, and marketing to name just a few.

He has believed for a long time that The Jockey Club should be more than just a breed registry, and for the past 32 years it surely has been.

He's quietly devoted thousands of hours to initiatives he thought would improve the conditions of Thoroughbred breeding and racing, often reminding those around him of the importance of consumer confidence in our sport.

When it was important for American racing or for The Jockey Club, he made it his business to be there.

Last October, he flew from New York to Lexington to deliver eight minutes worth of closing remarks because he wanted people to know how important the Owner Conference was to The Jockey Club.

He delivered a keynote address at the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities convention in Paris last fall for the same reason.

His motivation for spending so much time on racing issues is embodied in two sentences from a speech in Paris. It will tell you all you need to know.

"Quite simply I see it as a way of giving back to a sport that has provided me with so much enjoyment. That was probably passed on to me from my dad, and I'm trying to instill that sense of responsibility and commitment in my kids."

It's hard to think of a way that The Jockey Club, or the industry, could properly thank him, but we will try.

Dinny, on behalf of the stewards of The Jockey Club, it is a great honor to present you with The Jockey Club Medal for your exceptional contributions to Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry. Congratulations. Thank you very much.

That concludes the Round Table Conference. Thank you for being here and enjoy the rest of the day.

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