Stuart S. Janney III
Stuart S. Janney III, Chairman, The Jockey Club

STUART S. JANNEY III: Good morning, everybody. It is a pleasure to be back in Saratoga for the 70th Round Table Conference.

We’ve missed only one since 1953, and of course the last two Round Tables have been virtual because of the pandemic.

So welcome back. I couldn’t be happier to see all of you. The Jockey Club produces the Round Table Conference as a service to the industry. And I would like to thank the organizations that are streaming or providing links to the livestream for helping us achieve that goal.

Horse racing has seen its successes and challenges over the last few years, and certainly lately, but with the implementation of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, I believe we’re on an upward trend. Nothing could be better for our sport than to have uniform rules, regulations, and penalties. Nothing could be better for the sport than to have our fans know we’re working effectively to keep our athletes safe and to ensure the integrity of the sport.

Our keynote speaker, Lisa Lazarus, will tell us a lot more about that in her address later on.

So now let’s go to our first speaker, Carl Hamilton. Carl has been with The Jockey Club for more than 32 years, and he serves as president of The Jockey Club Information Systems and chairman of the BloodHorse.

He’s here today to tell you about what the The Jockey Club, its companies, and charities have been involved in over the past year.

Thank you, Carl.

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